Frequently Asked Questions

Battle Born Travel Club was created out of a desire to provide authentic educational experiences to the best students in the world: the ones that surround us every day at Carson High School in Carson City, Nevada. Our tours remain true to that ethos, and as such, are designed with the enrichment and education of our students as the fundamental basis of our travel plans. 

Do I have to go to Carson High School to come on a tour?

While we will always open every tour to our local students first, all are welcome to apply and enroll in our tours for any spots that remain unfilled. 

If you're not in the Northern Nevada region, no worries! You can fly out of an alternate gate and we'll meet you on the way or at the destination airport. 

How many people can enroll on a tour?

Every tour is different! Each tour is built by a team of teachers and world travelers to give a unique experience and perspective. Check out the individual information page for any tour you’re interested in to get an idea of the size of our group. We typically range from 12-36 students and community members, but we have gone with as few as seven as many as a hundred! 

Also, on every tour, we are accompanied by a team of dedicated chaperone hosts; a local tour director, who is with us 24/7 from arrival to departure; a dedicated driver for our tour bus; and local guides for every part of the journey. While it is vital for students to be able to explore new places as they build independence, they're never far from a trained chaperone.

What about parents? Can we come along?

Of course! Parents, grandparents, cousins, coaches - all from the community are welcome to adventure with us. Adult travelers provide a unique perspective and model responsible traveling for our younger travelers. As an adult traveler, your wonder and amazement translates directly to the students’ experience. 

Keep in mind; however, that the tours are designed, from experiences to pace, for our student travelers. So make sure to bring some comfy walking shoes and and your ability to go with the flow 🙂

Are there age limits?

BBTC tours are designed with our students in mind, so we ask that any applicants aged 13 or under at the time of travel please reach out to Mr. Spence to evaluate if the tour you’re interested in is the best fit for you. 

Travelers who are 23 or older at time of travel will room separate from the teen travelers, and be asked to participate in a background check before we depart.

What if I’m in college by the time we go on tour?

We find many of our travelers are exactly this person! By signing up while still in high school, your family locks in the earliest and best price to keep your monthly payments low, and you will find that your first or second year of college has prepared you to experience your adventure in a completely new light!

If you are attending college out of the area, we have you covered. You are welcome to come back home to fly with the main group, or select an alternate departure city and we’ll meet you there. ✈️

What about safety?

We understand it can be a scary thing to be so far from home. But we also know that confronting that challenge is part of the growth and personal development that can only come from experiencing the many diverse parts of our world. 

Every tour is hand-crafted and vetted by Explorica’s muti-national teams of professionals. Tours are monitored from the day we create it to the day we return home in order to ensure that every traveler is as safe as can be while abroad. We constantly monitor and abide by all state department recommendations, as well as reports from Explorica offices in the countries where we travel to. If it isn’t safe - we don’t go.

Also, as mentioned above, we are always surrounded by a team of professional chaperones, local guides, drivers, and most importantly, our 24/7 tour director, who is trained and certified by both Explorica and in-country governments, to keep everyone safe and having the experience of a lifetime.

 Check the reviews section at the bottom of this page to hear what students and travelers have to say!

Furthermore, BBTC recommends every traveler consider the travel insurance options provided by Explorica when signing up. More detailed information on travel insurance is located further below on this web page and on each tour’s information/signup page.

Be sure to review Explorica's Behavior Guidelines before your trip.

Which travel insurance works best for me?

Life happens. See how best to protect your travel investment.

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